What is GastroPUB QUIZ?

The GastroPUB QUIZ is a fun pub team trivia competition hosted at The Gastropub by members of the improv comedy troupe The LineBenders.

Who? What? and Where?

Your team may sign up in the Gastropub Lounge after 7:00 pm on any Tuesday evening. Just grab a table, and one of the quiz hosts will help you out. Teams come in all sizes with a maximum of six players. The quiz begins at 7:30 pm and ends around 9:30 pm.

Cost and Prizes

There is no cost to play and no commitment. First, second, and third-place teams each week receive $30, $20, and $10 tabs, respectively, at Fargo Billiards & Gastropub.


The quiz consists of three six-question rounds. Winners are determined by point totals at the end of round three.

Questions You’ll Find at GastroPUB Quiz

The general knowledge questions could be on any subject, such as furniture, cheese…what state produces the most rice? … What is the highest grossing horror film? Some categories reappear, such as NAME! THAT! STACHE!, where players are asked to identify a famous mustache. Or “rockspeare,” where players are asked to identify a rock song whose popular lyric has been translated into Shakepearean english. Once a question is asked, teams have two minutes to confer and hand in a written answer. Teams earn one point for a correct response. No points are taken away for wrong answers on non-wager questions (see below).

Bonus Points and Lifelines

If your team falls behind early, don’t sweat it! The sixth question of each round is a wager question. You can wager up to half of your points, but beware! If you answer correctly, you gain your wagered points, but if you answer incorrectly, you will lose those points.

In each round, one of the first five questions will have a sub-question attached. If your team is one of the first three to answer that question correctly, you will send a representative up to participate in the sub-question. Sub-questions generally consist of naming items off of a list. For example, if the question was about Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, the sub-question could be “List the other reindeer that pull santa’s sleigh.” The three participants alternate naming something on the list, getting half of a point for each correct answer. This continues until all items have been named, or all three have answered incorrectly.

Each team also gets three items to help them throughout the game.

The first is the “Double Up” card. If your team is sure of the answer, you can use this card to double your points for the round.

The second is the “Cheater” card. A member of your team can go up and look at what all other teams have handed in.

The last one is the “Hint” card. A member of your team can go up and receive a hint to help you get the right answer.

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