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Foundations Level I and II Courses

We have two levels of Foundations courses, levels I and II.  Both include eight hours of instruction offered in four 2-hour sessions and are taught in groups of eight students with two instructors.  The core of the curriculum for the two courses is the same.  Both stress development of stroke fundamentals by isolating the elements of a proper pool stroke and facilitating their development through stroke drills and video analysis.

Foundations Level 1 (8 hours)
This course is appropriate for absolute beginners. No prior knowledge or experience is assumed. It is also a perfectly reasonable course for someone with a modest or even more than modest level of experience who doesn’t mind going back to square 1. This is good course for a couple for which one member is a beginner and the other has some experience. Level 1 includes video analysis of your stroke elements after you learn about a proper pool stroke.

Session 1A                                           Session 1B

Equipment/etiquette                             Video review
Bridge (front hand)                               Stroke sequence
Grip (rear hand)                                    Pre-shot routine
Stance                                                  Speed control
Stroke sequence

Session 1C                                          Session 1D

Stop shot                                              8-ball rules
Follow and draw                                   8-ball strategy
Aiming techniques                                Stun-line/90 degree rule
Other bridges                                       Cueball control principles
Progressive practice drills

Foundations Level 2 (8 hours)
This course is appropriate for players who have league/tournament experience and perhaps have tried to learn through books and/or instruction. Level II begins with video analysis of your current stroke.

Session 2A                                           Session 2B

Video Review                                        Stroke sequence
Stroke sequence                                  Pre-shot routine
Grip (rear hand)                                    Speed control
Stance                                                  Stop/Stun shots

Session 2C                                         Session 2D

Follow and draw                                  Cueball control principles
Aiming techniques                               One & Two rail paths
Other bridges                                       Pool physics
Progressive practice drills

If you don’t know which course is appropriate for you, we are happy to help guide you.

If you have any further questions please contact Mike Page at 701-282-4168.

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