Weds Night 9-Ball Tourney

This double elimination tournament begins promptly at 7:00 pm.

Entry Fee: $16 for members, $21 for nonmembers. $1 goes to the 10-Ball break-pot.

Practice: Tables are open for free practice at 5:00 pm

Prize Payout: All of the entry fees comprise a pool of prize money that is paid out to the top 25% or more of the field.

Match Description: A player remains in the tournament unless he or she either wins the tournament or loses two matches. Matches, played on 7-foot tables. A coin flip decides who breaks the first game. Winner breaks on subsequent games. Match lengths are determined by the rating differences between the two players. Each breaker racks his or her own balls.

Match Description: A 9-ball made on the break wins the game unless it is made in either of the two corner pockets at the foot of the table, in which case it is placed on the footspot and the breaker continues to shoot.

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