• Corporate Team Building
  • Work-group Parties
  • Reunions
  • Neighborhood Get-togethers
  • Birthday Celebrations

Fargo Billiards has private rooms available to be rented by your group. Guests generally must be 21 and older. Please inquire about exceptions.

Fisher Room: Two pool tables, accommodates about 45 with seating for up to 45. $60/hour

Mosconi Room: Two pool tables, accommodates about 45 with seating for up to 45. $60/hour

Twain Room: One pool table, accommodates about 15 with seating for 10. $30/hour

The Indoor Deck: Six tables with couches, accommodates about 40 with seating for 30. $60/hour

Half Indoor Deck: Three tables with couches, accommodates about 25 with seating for 20. $30/hour

Black Tees:  Four ping pong tables, 2 foos ball tables, and lounge seating, accommodates about 80 with flexible seating layouts. $60/hour

Diamond West: Six pool tables, 2 dart boards, 2 ping pong tables, accommodates about 100 with flexible seating layouts. $100/hr

Display your PowerPoint presentation or your own slide show. The Fisher and Mosconi rooms each are equipped with a projector and screen for your use.

Options for Larger Groups
(up to about 100) An accordian door joins the Fisher and Mosconi rooms.
(up to about 120) Combine the Fisher, Mosconi, and Fargo Billiard Academy conference room for one contiguous space with five pool tables.
(Larger still?) Include available adjacent pool tables for $12/hour for each additional table. We have on multiple occasions accommodated groups of 300 or more.