Sponsor a League Team

It’s easy and inexpensive for your company to sponsor a pool team.

All three levels of sponsorship include your naming option as well as sanctioning of team and players with the national organization.

Basic Sanctioning: $138
Sanctioning w/T-Shirt $216
Sanctioning w/Polo $288

For the latter two options, we will provide six shirts with your team (company) name on them

While you may offer to sponsor one of the existing teams, the best path is to corral some of your employees and form your own team. Whether they’re new to the game or experienced we have a league division that fits.

Really. It’s OK to have never played. We’ll show your employees the rules and show them how to play. You don’t have to be good to have fun.

Four players from your team’s roster play on a given league night, so having, say, six on the roster allows for travel schedules or for a few players who may want to play less frequently.